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"need your needs", new single from georgie james, out now!

january 23, 2007 marked the official release date of the new georgie james single. you can hear all three tracks on the band’s myspace page and then order your own copy from this is a rather limited pressing, so get your copy while you can.

all releases now available through

as of january 2007, all in-print laboratory records releases can be purchased through we’ve even heard that there are a few copies of georgie james’ demos at dance place hanging out in the inventory. that’s the word on the street anyway…

wanderlust available on itunes

we know how much stuff can weigh you down, and just how good it can feel to declutter, so we’re working on making all of our releases available to you in digital format. for now you can find laura burhenn’s second album, wanderlust, on itunes. per the usual deal, individual songs are 99 cents a piece, the whole album is $9.99.

welcome to our new, soon-to-be-even-more-improved home

we’ve finally gotten around to it, pulled out some rudimentary gagdets from our tool belt and made this place, well, a place. welcome to the laboratory records site. in time we’ll grow into something slicker and not-so-ms-paint-inspired. however, it’ll be nice to look back and know that it started like this:

ah, those were the days…


georgie james “need your needs” new single out now. buy it here.


laura burhenn’s second full-length album “wanderlust.” buy it here.